Improve Academic Standing of Members and Prepare them for Graduate School

  • Have speakers and presentations at general meetings that will benefit students academically (time management, study skills, preparation for graduate school, etc.)
  • Organize and update study materials semesterly
  • Establish peer group among incoming freshmen for advising/counseling
  • Increase the number of scholars to participate in summer research experiences
  • Increase the number of scholars to present at professional conferences
  • Encourage and provide early GRE preparation and admission to graduate schools

Increase Recruitment

  • Send IMAGE scholars to high schools
  • Admissions Office liaison (External Publicist)
  • Obtain mailing list of minority students and send out letters (Recruitment Committee)
  • Inform at orientations and visit days (Orientation Ambassadors, Recruitment Committee)
  • Bring other students to IMAGE meetings and events

Increase Recognition and Awareness

  • Conduct an “IMAGE Week” on campus (Recruitment Committee)
  • T-shirts (Internal Publicist)
  • Make new brochures and posters
  • Maintain/Upgrade existing website
  • Perform a group community service project at least once a semester (Community Service Committee)
  • Adopt a philanthropy (Community Service Committee)
  • Co-sponsor at least one campus event per semester


  • Establish IMAGE Honor Roll with end of year raffle
  • Invite high school students to retreat
  • Establish IMAGE support group with counseling center
  • Have two retreats per year (Fall, Spring)
  • Have more activities at retreats
  • Sponsor “Meet the Black Faculty”
  • Have a social picnic beginning of semester
  • Take a group picture every year

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