University of Mississippi

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of the IMAGE officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Co-editors, Internal Publicist, and External Publicist.  Each of these officers shall be an active member in IMAGE for at least two semesters.

President:  The president will preside over Executive Board meeting and general meetings, assist Mrs. Vinson in directing and coordinating activities, and maintain order in meetings.

Vice-President:  The vice-president will preside over Executive Board and general meetings in the absence of the president and coordinate the activities of all committees.

Secretary and Assistant Secretary:  The secretary & assistant Secretary will assist each other in taking notes of the executive board and general meetings, keep a record of all planned events, and read the minutes at general meetings.

 External Publicist:  The external publicist will be a liaison to the Admissions office, obtain a mailing list of prospective students and preside over the recruitment committee.

Internal Publicist:  The internal publicist will be responsible for advertising all IMAGE events; through flyers, online social sites, and other methods of choice.  Also, the internal publicist will be responsible for taking pictures at the IMAGE functions, this is but not limited to conferences, meetings, all committee events as well as other Non-IMAGE campus events that may pertain to STEM majors.

Newsletter Co-Editors:  There will be two newsletter co-editors in charge of producing two newsletters per semester. These newsletters are to be formatted for the IMAGE Webpage.

There will be three standing committees.  Each committee should have at least three members in addition to a chairperson chosen by the committee members.

Recruitment Committee:  Responsibilities shall include writing letters to students, working with ambassadors, organizing IMAGE week, and setting up tables at Orientations and Visit Days.  They also coordinate meetings with their overall committee members and report to Vice President, as well as maintain the IMAGE Board.

Community Service Committee:  Responsibilities shall include coordinating group service activities with various organizations in the community, meeting with students, and reporting activities to Vice President and Project Coordinator.

Events Committee:  Responsibilities include coordinating speakers and presentations and developing ideas for campus events for the overall IMAGE group. They are also responsible for planning the end of the semester fall pampering event, IMAGE Awards Banquet and the Senior Picnic in the Spring Semester as well as reporting activities to the Vice President and Project Coordinator.

Enrichment Coordinator: The Enrichment Coordinator is responsible for collecting Research Opportunities, compiling them in the research booklet and displaying them in the IMAGE Center.  Attend conferences to retrieve information from Graduate fairs and also take pictures at all IMAGE Events.

All communities function under a collaborative effort.