• Improve academic standing of IMAGE students and prepare scholars for Graduate School

Have speakers and presentations at general meetings that will benefit students academically (time management, study skills, preparation for grad school, etc.)

Organize and update study materials. (Each Semester)
Establish peer group among incoming freshmen for advising/counseling for 1st semester freshmen (long-term goal).

Increase the number of scholars to participate in Summer Research Experiences

Increase the number of scholars to present at Professional Conferences

Encourage and provide early GRE preparation and admission to graduate schools

  • To increase recruitment
    Send IMAGE scholars to high schools.
    Have someone contact the Admissions Office (External Publicist)
    Obtain mailing list of minority students and send out letters (Recruitment Committee)
    Set up tables at Orientation and Visit Days (Recruitment Committee)
    Bring other students to IMAGE meetings and programs
  • Increase recognition and awareness
    Conduct an “IMAGE Week” on campus (Recruitment Committee)
    T-shirts (Internal Publicist)
    Make new brochures and posters
    Maintain/Upgrade existing Web Site
    Perform a group community service at least once a semester (Community Service Committee)
    Adopt a philanthropy (Community Service Committee)
    Co-sponsor at least one campus event per semester
    Establish IMAGE Honor Roll with end of year raffle
    Invite high school students to retreat
    Establish IMAGE support group with counseling center
    Have two retreats per year, 1 in fall and 1 in the Spring
    Have more activities at retreats
    Sponsor “Meet the Black Faculty”
    Have a social picnic beginning of semester
    Take a group picture every year